What Is The 21-Day Coding Challenge?

We've all been there, promising yourself this will be the year you commit to a daily habit that leads to a better you - this time you're really going to learn another language, exercise every day, read a book per week, build up your coding skills. The pesky problem with new habits is that they’re difficult to develop, and finding time to practice something every day can seem impossible amidst many other commitments.

When it comes to coding, perhaps you've already tried to learn on your own. Maybe you started an online tutorial and stopped the lessons after a few days, only to return a few weeks later and find you had forgotten everything you learned! To truly gain a new skill, you need to dive in and give your brain a chance to build muscle memory. To make real progress, you need to commit to practice coding every day.

That’s why Lighthouse Labs is challenging you, regardless of your coding experience, to spend 15-30 minutes a day learning Javascript, the most widely used coding language in the world. The 21-Day Coding Challenge is an opportunity to learn how to code in a fun, free, and social way for a chance to win amazing prizes.

How Does the Challenge Work?

Starting May 1st, you’ll have 21 days to build a coding habit with a daily Javascript coding challenge. The challenges take just 15-30 minutes a day, and they’re all set in a fun space theme; you’ll spend 21 days as captain of the ISS Lighthouse, completing Javascript challenges to repair your spaceship!

While we encourage you to complete a challenge a day to really build a habit, you can catch up if you miss a day here and there - a new challenge is released daily, and they will be available until May 21! From your profile, you will have access to a forum to help answer your questions and you will receive daily hints to help you complete your coding challenge.

How Do I Get Started?


Sign up today! Once registered, you will be automatically entered to win amazing prizes, including the grand prize trip to Boston. While no experience is necessary, we have a few recommended resources to help you prepare, so you can get the most out of your learning!


You’ll never code alone if you register a team of friends or colleagues to join the challenge with you! Create a team on the registration page, select a team captain and encourage others to join. Coding is a valuable skill in today’s market, and by participating in this challenge, you can promote professional development and remove the intimidation of coding by completing the challenge with a team of friends or colleagues.

The team with the most challenges completed (combined) at the top of the Team Leaderboard will win one $500 gift card to a place of their choice to celebrate, as well as, a feature on our blog as a model for continuous learning and growth! Track your team’s progress on the Team Leaderboard and lookout for fun tips and playlists from us to ensure a great team experience!

Who Is Eligible For Prizes?

Prizes are available to Canadian residents only. You can find the full contest rules here.