What is the 21-Day Coding Challenge?

Did you know that 95% of websites are built with JavaScript?

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand skills for professional developers and coding hobbyists alike. But building a new skill is difficult. When it comes to coding, perhaps you've already tried to learn on your own. Maybe you started an online tutorial and stopped the lessons after a few days, only to return a few weeks later and find you had forgotten everything! To truly gain a new skill, you need to dive in and give your brain a chance to build muscle memory. Then, to make real progress, you need to commit to practicing coding every day.

That's why Lighthouse Labs created the 21-Day Coding Challenge (#21DCC). In just 15-30 minutes a day, you can build your JavaScript skills and start a daily habit of coding practice. It's fun, free, and there are fabulous prizes up for grabs.

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How much experience do I need?

None at all. For the absolute beginner, we've created custom-built prep resources to give you all the basic knowledge you need to succeed at the daily coding challenges. Get stuck along the way? We have more recommended resources at your fingertips and a community forum filled with hints and tips from fellow participants and our team of code mentors.

We'll Help You Prep

How does it work?

Starting November 22, you'll have 21 days to build a coding habit with a daily Javascript coding challenge. The challenges take just 15-30 minutes, and they're all set in a fun theme: hold onto your keyboards, we're going to space! Your JavaScript tasks will take you from mission prep all the way through to take-off and reentry!

While we encourage you to complete one challenge each day to really build a habit, you can catch up if you miss a day here and there - a new challenge is released daily. All challenges will be available until December 12. But to keep you motivated each day, we've got daily prize giveaways and special prizes for completing all 21 challenges.

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How do I start?


Sign up today! Just for registering, you already qualify for our Grand Prize draw - before you even touch a line of code!


You can choose to participate as an individual or join a team to pool your expertise and points! Create a team with family, friends, or colleagues for a unique bonding experience and a chance to win a team prize.


Check out the prep resources to give you a head start on your coding journey.